History of FIFA World Cup

World Cup History | 1938 to 1970

The World Cup History Changed after the 1938 Finals. Did you know that there was a delay of 12 Years between the third and Fourth World Cup?

  1. Who won the 1938 world cup?
    Italy defended their title in the final by defeating Hungary 4–2. The 1934 and 1938 Italy teams are considered the only men’s national teams to win the World Cup multiple times under the same coach Vittorio Pozzo. This would be the last World Cup until 1950 due to the disruption of World War II.
  2. Why was there no World Cup from 1938 to 1950?
    Due to World War II, the World Cup has not been held since 1938; the planned 1942 and 1946 World Championships were canceled. After the war, FIFA was keen to revive the competition as soon as possible and began making plans to host the FIFA World Cup.
  3. Who won the 1950 World Cup?
    The Uruguay national football team won the 1950 FIFA World Cup and became champions for the second time.
  4. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1954?
    The West German national football team won the 1954 FIFA World Cup for the first time in history.
  5. Has England ever won a World Cup?
    They won one world championship in 1966 on their home soil and since first entering the game in 1950 until 2018 they have played in 15 of the 18 final tournaments; they were eliminated in the 1974, 1978, and 1994 qualifying tournaments.
  6. Who won the 1962 World Cup?
    The Brazil national football team won the 1962 FIFA World Cup for the first time.
  7. Are any of the 1966 England teams alive?
    Only three members of England’s World Cup-winning team survived. Sir Bobby Charlton is now 84 years old.
  8. Who won the 1974 World Cup?
    The 1974 FIFA World Cup was won by the German national football team.
  9. What was the score of the 1954 World Cup?
    The tournament was won by West Germany, who beat tournament favorites Hungary 3–2 in the final, marking their first world title.
  10. Who hosted the 1954 World Cup?
    The 1954 FIFA World Cup was held in Switzerland from June 16 to July 4. In total, 16 teams took part in the final stage of the tournament and 26 matches were played. It was the fifth World Cup tournament and was the first to be seen on television.
  11. Who won World Cup in 1964?
    The match featured England and West Germany, with England winning 4–2 after extra time to claim the Jules Rimet Trophy. This was the first and so far the only time that England has hosted or won the World Cup.
  12. Where was the 1966 World Cup?
    The 1966 FIFA World Cup was the eighth FIFA World Cup, a four-year football tournament for men’s senior national teams. It was played in England from 11 to 30 July 1966.
  13. Who hosted the 1966 World Cup?
    The eighth World Cup was played in England from 11 to 30 July 1966. 70 national teams participated in the qualification for the final tournament (Africa boycotted the tournament due to a new rule that forced the winners from the continent to participate in the playoffs). against Asian teams).
  14. How did England win in 1966?
    England was captained by center-back Bobby Moore and only two players scored the winning goals; Martin Peters and legendary hat-trick hero Jeff Hurst. Hurst sealed England’s victory that day by scoring two extra-time goals that gave England the 1966 World Cup title.
  15. Did the ball cross the line in 1966?
    Few moments in sporting history have been so controversial, but on Monday night Sky Sports convincingly proved what English fans have always known: Geoff Hurst’s infamous extra-time goal in the 1966 World Cup Final had indeed crossed the line.
  16. Who hosted the 1958 World Cup?
    On June 29, 1958, Brazil beat host nation Sweden 5-2 to win their first World Cup.
  17. Where was the 1970 World Cup held?
    The 1970 FIFA World Cup is the ninth FIFA World Cup, held every four years, the international football championship among men’s national teams. Held from May 31 to June 21 in Mexico, it was the first World Cup tournament held outside of Europe and South America, as well as the first tournament held in North America.
  18. Why doesn’t the UK have a football team?
    Despite football being the country’s most popular sport, the team has not played since 1965 as individual teams represent each home country (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) in every major international football tournament such as the World Cup football. championship.
  19. Why is football so popular in England?
    It is popular due to its ease of play. The fact that the game requires nothing more than a ball means that it is as popular with schoolchildren as it is with office workers. It’s also a great way to meet people both on and off the pitch, thanks to the obligatory post-match pub drink!
  20. Which African country has the most World Cup appearance?
    Cameroon is the team that has played in the tournament the most times, with seven. Their best outing was in 1990 when they reached the quarter-finals but were eliminated by England. Then Nigeria is in the second position.