ronaldo transfer news 2023

Next Club Transfer! Ronaldo Transfer News is NOT Just a Rumor Anymore

Ronaldo’s transfer news from Manchester United is hot news nowadays. The latest about the Legend’s transfer during the transfer window in January 2023 is not just a rumor anymore.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Uncertainty! January Exit? Man Utd Transfer News!

Where is Ronaldo going after Manchester United?
According to reports on Ronaldo transfer news, the striker’s latest move is that his agent Jorge Mendez asked United to name a price for the club in order to make an offer, and this is linked with Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle if he is to leave Manchester United in the January transfer window. As a second option return to Sporting Lisbon as well as a move to Napoli is also considered by the legend. Both Sporting CP and Napoli are in the Champions League this season.

Why did Ronaldo leave United?
Sources told ESPN that Ronaldo was keen to leave Old Trafford this summer due to his desire to play in the Champions League and he has been linked with a host of clubs including Chelsea, Bayern, Atlético Madrid and Napoli.

Why did Ronaldo leave Juventus?
Juventus “scapegoated Cristiano Ronaldo” for his troubles – and THEREFORE he left, says Patrice Evra, after former teammates, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini ripped the Manchester United star apart.

Why did Bayern Munich reject Ronaldo?
Ronaldo’s signing meant they weren’t going to fully respect those traditions and they just couldn’t afford it. Director Oliver Kahn explained that the team’s management did come together to discuss the possible signing of Cristiano and they all agreed on the same final verdict.

Which club rejected Ronaldo?
Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly offered himself to Borussia Dortmund, but the German club rejected his offer. Dortmund is reportedly not interested in signing Ronaldo for either sporting or financial reasons.

Is Ronaldo going to PSG?
Paris Saint-Germain sources have turned down the opportunity to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to Paris Saint-Germain by his agent Jorge Mendez, but the French champions have rejected the possibility of signing the Manchester United striker, sources told ESPN.

Why is Ronaldo famous?
After a successful season at Sporting which brought the young player to the attention of Europe’s biggest football clubs, in 2003 Ronaldo signed for the English club Manchester United. He became an instant sensation and soon came to be regarded as one of the best hitters in the game.

Which football player has the most fans in the world?
The answer is Cristiano Ronaldo!
With over 636 million followers, the Portuguese striker is in the first place, overtaking second place held by Lionel Messi with over 200 million followers. The number of his followers is incredible, especially on Instagram: over 388 million.

Will Ronaldo play in the 2022 World Cup?
The FIFA World Cup will feature two of the greatest players to ever take the field: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Is Ronaldo the greatest of all time?
That is, of course, what happened, and in his nine years at Real Madrid, Ronaldo has established himself as the best player in the world and arguably the greatest player of all time. He will win four Champions Leagues and compete against Lionel Messi for the Ballon d’Or every year, winning four for himself.