Neymr Junior

Neymar Jr. in Brazilian Squad

Top 10 Facts Every diehard fan must know about Neymar Jr.

  1. who is Neymar
    Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (born 5 February 1992), known as Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team.
  2. what is Neymar famous for?
    Neymar, in full Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. (born February 5, 1992, Mogi das Cruzis, Brazil), is a Brazilian footballer who is one of the top goalscorers in his country’s legendary football history.
  3. who is the best friend of Neymar?
    Amancio, who calls himself Neymar’s personal adviser, is perhaps the closest thing to a striker. The couple played together in the youth ranks of Santos, and he is akin to the “brother” of a football player. “We met when we were only 13 years old and we’ve grown up together ever since,” said Amancio Marca.
  4. what is the story of Neymar?
    Neymar started playing football at an early age and was soon spotted by Santos, who offered him a contract in 2003, where he was accepted into their youth academy, which in the past produced Brazilian internationals such as Coutinho, Clodoaldo, Diego, Elano, and Alex.
  5. who is Neymar’s lover?
    Neymar and Bruna Biancardi are enjoying a well-deserved vacation. The couple was photographed spending time by the pool, making the most of their time at the luxury resort in Miami. Neymar and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi.
  6. is Messi and Neymar friends?
    Neymar wrote a short and sweet tribute to his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Lionel Messi on Instagram. The two football stars have been best friends ever since they played together at Barcelona and have been in close contact ever since.
  7. does Neymar speak English?
    Neymar can speak English, but he is not fluent in the language. Even though he has never lived in an English-speaking country, he has spent time learning English and uses English to communicate with some of the other players on his team. English is not the only language Neymar speaks.
  8. how many goals did Neymar score for PSG?
    Despite spending a year longer in Paris than at Barcelona, Neymar has so far played 42 fewer games for PSG than for Barça, scoring 156 goals (102 goals, 54 assists) in 144 games, in all competitions.
  9. what happened between Neymar and his wife?
    The reconciliation was short-lived, as the couple separated that same year. One of the main reasons the Brazilian couple didn’t work out was that Neymar wanted Bruna to move to Barcelona with him, but the model and actress decided to stay in Brazil and continue their acting career.
  10. did Neymar turn up to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding?
    It’s safe to say that many people were confused by the viral video and thought that Neymar attended his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. But there are many people who have indicated that the video was not real.